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Pieces of Chocolate

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Rheena Lim-Sy, Owner/Founder of Pastrychik, grew up in her Mother's kitchen. She began helping her Mother's home business at age 15, decorating cakes. She completed her Bachelors Degree in Business but she couldn't forego her dream of one day becoming a Pastrychik.

In 2003, she decided to pursue culinary school in the Bay Area.  After finishing her Associate Degree at the California Cuilinary Academy in San Francisco, she worked at The Fifth Floor under Chef Laurent Gras & Chef Marika Doob. She also dabbled on chocolates and became a chocolatier for Charles Chocolates.

It wasn't until she had to design her daughter's 1st birthday cake that she went back into doing what she loved most-- decorating.


Then was the beginning of Pastrychik and the rest is history.



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